Lettuce go inside. And so do strawberries as indoor farming rises. The billions of dollars flowing into indoor ag, followed by news of a big announcement in regenerative farming, is yet more evidence of the furious pace of change we’re seeing in food production. On the indoor side, the update comes in the form of details on a big vertical farm that the startup Plenty is building in Compton, California. The plans are impressive: The 95,000 square feet facility will be as productive as 700 acres of farmland, according to CNN . In terms of land use, that’s more than 200 times as efficient. A crop of leafy greens in the facility can go from seedling to harvest in two to three weeks, Plenty co-founder Nate Storey told LAist last year . That’s significantly faster than a regular outdoor growing schedule. The facility will supply 100 grocery stores when production begins later this year. This activity is partly the result of a $140 million investment Plenty announced last year , just one of a slew of similar deals in the indoor ag sector. Close to $2 billion will have been invested in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) between the fourth […]


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