The 20-year-old climate activist picked up trash until there was none left It took Edgar McGregor almost two years to clean up Eaton Canyon Natural Area. Armed with a five-gallon bucket and a pair of gloves, the 20-year-old climate activist collected trash there nearly every day over 589 consecutive days. On March 5 he declared the 198-acre preserve in Los Angeles finally clean, though he still visits several times a week to pick up any new trash that appears. McGregor learned early on that it’s counterproductive to be angry about littering. That negativity only discouraged him. “The fact of the matter is, there’s always going to be litterbugs,” McGregor says. “There’s nothing we can do to stop people from throwing stuff that they don’t want onto the ground.” In the spring of 2019, shortly before undertaking his cleanup mission, McGregor began climate striking, alone, outside Pasadena City Hall every Friday. He brought a board displaying the increase in average temperature in Pasadena over the last 110 years: about seven degrees Fahrenheit. But McGregor wasn’t satisfied with his weekly protests. “I felt like I could do a lot more,” he says. “I felt like I wasn’t giving environmentalism my all.” […]


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