This story is adapted from Life Kit’s weekly newsletter, which arrives in inboxes each Friday. Subscribe here. Not all change is good, and this week, Life Kit is thinking about one of the biggest changes of all: climate change. It’s a problem that calls for systemic, long-term solutions. But we can all do our part to cut back on our own carbon footprint and reduce waste. You can start on your next trip to the kitchen. Start with what you’re eating . Meat production takes a big toll on the environment, through deforestation to make room for cattle and through methane emissions from cows. Cutting back on eating meat — even just a little — can make a big environmental impact. Here are recipes to help. Then, think about all the food you don’t eat — the food scraps in your trash or spoiled meals sitting in your fridge. Food waste accounts for as much as 10% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. Here’s some advice to cut down your contribution, from our episode on reducing food waste : Don’t be fooled by the "sell-by" date on your foods. Most of these dates are about when foods are […]


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