A new method could increase the supply of rare-earth metals, without the need for mining. There is an increasing demand for rare-earth metals in our high-tech society, but the global supply is limited. Researchers have developed an environmentally friendly way to recover rare-earth metals. The method involves a process called “electrodeposition”, in which a low electric current causes the metals to deposit. This research is a positive step towards increasing the sustainability of rare-earth metals, while helping the supply chain in the digital revolution. Rare-earth metals are critical to the high-tech society we live in as an essential component of mobile phones, computers and many other everyday devices. But increasing demand and limited global supply means we must urgently find a way to recover these metals efficiently from discarded products. Rare-earth metals are currently mined or recovered via traditional e-waste recycling. But there are drawbacks, including high cost, environmental damage, pollution and risks to human safety. This is where our ongoing research comes in. Our team in collaboration with the research centre Tecnalia in Spain has developed a way to use environmentally friendly chemicals to recover rare-earth metals. It involves a process called “electrodeposition”, in which a low electric […]


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