Supported by Wildlife Asia, the PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund subsidizes artists producing works that highlight environmental issues in Southeast Asia. The arts initiative is intended to complement conservation work in locations like Salween Peace Park in Myanmar and Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem. “If we can only create what we can imagine, then art and ideas are an integral part of creating an Earth that is sustainable and thriving with biodiversity,” says Pardicolor founder Demelza Stokes. Creativity is vital for the development of innovative solutions to conservation conundrums. The daunting challenges of restoring ecosystems, curbing biodiversity loss and halting deforestation require a continuous stream of new ideas. While practical solutions are paramount, creative art can be pivotal to building support and understanding for conservation efforts. Art confronts environmental issues, challenges conventional approaches and provides a conceptual space to reimagine a better future. Nowhere in the world is the need for novel approaches more evident than in Southeast Asia, which has suffered devastating habitat loss over the past 30 years, bringing many endemic species to the brink of extinction. This was the impetus for the PARDICOLOR Creative Arts Fund, launched by Wildlife Asia in April 2020 to provide artists in Southeast Asia […]


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