There are many benefits to be found in creating more urban green spaces. Many cities are adopting nature-based solutions to issues, which have the multifunctional purpose of helping both people and the environment. Initiatives such as the Naturvation project are providing examples of how cities could incorporate nature. Maintaining a connection with the natural world is an important way for humans to recognize its importance and improve sustainability. There are many benefits of making nature a priority in the post-pandemic world and re-evaluating our relationship with it, writes an expert. Throughout the past year of working from home, I have gone for numerous morning, lunchtime and evening walks around my neighbourhood in the Eastern parts of Lund in Sweden. My neighbourhood has three dams for storing stormwater in the event of extreme rain. These help slow the water instead of overburdening the city’s underground water sewage system, which would increase the risk of flooding. It was at one of these stormwater dams where I first made friends with a beautiful and majestic heron. Like other birds, the heron seems to have found its home here – and it moves between the three dams depending on the time of the […]


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