Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has launched an online academy that teaches users how to fix "99 per cent of their clothing " in a bid to combat the mounting issue of textile waste. Called Fixing Fashion , the platform features instructions and video tutorials on how to repair, remake, resize and recolour damaged or unwanted clothing items. Alongside this, Hakkens has also created a fashion collection that illustrates these different techniques but will not be for sale. Among the techniques featured on the Fixing Fashion platform are various ways to combine two old items into one new garment "Many sustainable fashion efforts focus on the origin of garments and promote solutions to be purchased," said Hakkens. "But fashion doesn’t need something new, we already have enough clothes in the world for the coming decade. It’s time to stop buying, stop creating more waste and proudly reuse what we already have." " Fixing Fashion is a brand that doesn’t try to sell you anything," he added. "It shows people how to keep their existing clothes by better caring for, repairing or upgrading them." Other hacks include the Japanese shibori dying method which is similar to tie-dyeing but sees the garment […]


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