Bats are legally protected across the European Union. In the UK, the first major legislation protecting bats was passed in 1982. The laws made it illegal for unlicensed individuals to disturb or harm bats, including bat colonies inside of human dwellings. If you want to remove the bats, you have to get permission from the Nature Conservancy Council and hire professionals like those at to relocate them. Why are bats receiving this level of protection? It is because of critical role of bats in our ecosystems. 1. Insect Control All 16 species of bats in the United Kingdom are insectivores. In layman’s terms, this means that British bat species feed on insects. One bat will consume somewhere between two thousand and six thousand insects in a single night. The pistrelle, the smallest of the British bats, will consume up to three thousand insects a night. This makes them incredibly useful for naturally controlling mosquito and other flying insect populations. They can also control pests that feed on crops. If you increase the number of bats in an area, you reduce your need for insecticides. On the other hand, widespread use of insecticide could leave bats without enough food […]


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