The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. The Great Reef Census is asking the global community to help assess the health of Australia’s coral reef system. The project is collecting data on the 13,000 images of reef life taken by volunteers last year. Australia’s reefs are among thousands around the world that are under threat due to rising sea temperatures and acidification. Other reef rescue projects are using satellite data and bioscience to predict – and prevent – episodes of coral destruction. A global crowdsourcing operation is sending out an SOS to help save the Great Barrier Reef – one photo at a time. The innovative scheme was launched last year to map Australia’s natural undersea wonderland, in hopes of establishing the areas most at risk from climate change and other destructive forces. The Great Reef Census began last year with a call to divers and sailors in or near the reef to take photos and videos of the coral and sea life beneath their hulls. Now, organizers have posted those snaps online for people the world over to browse and analyze. It’s hoped that the gathered data will provide a health map of the […]


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