London-based Heatherwick Studio has unveiled its concept for the Airo electric car for IM Motors that will "vacuum up pollutants from other cars". Revealed today at the Shanghai Motor Show , the vehicle for newly formed Chinese car brand IM Motors was designed by Heatherwick Studio as its first car. Named Airo, the electric car will be fitted with a HEPA – high-efficiency particulate air – filtering system that will actively clean pollution. It will have both autonomous and driver-controlled modes. "Airo isn’t simply another electric car that doesn’t pollute the air," said Thomas Heatherwick, founder of Heatherwick Studio. "Instead, using the latest HEPA-filter technology, it goes further by also vacuuming up pollutants from other cars as it drives along." The car has been designed with a flexible interior with rotating seats so that it can be reconfigured into a "multi-functional room". With the seats facing each other a four-leaf table can be unfolded to create a dining space or a screen extended to watch films or play games. The car’s interior can also be turned into a bedroom as the contoured seats fully recline to create a double bed. In this mode, the glass roof can be made […]


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