Sweden might have found a solution for the second challenge. They’ve developed “solar thermal fuel” — a special kind of fuel that is capable of storing the sun’s energy for up to 18 years. The device that helps in capturing solar energy is called MOST which stands for Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System. It works in a circular manner where a pump cycles the fuel through transparent tubes. The energy from the sun is then captured into these strong chemical bonds. What’s surprising is that this energy remains strong even after the liquid cools down to room temperature in the liquid’s peak capacity, it is capable of storing up to 250 watt-hours of energy per one kilogram — nearly twice of what Tesla Powerwall batteries can do We already know that solar energy is going to be the future — after the fossil fuels finally deplete from the planet. However, today, solar energy is engulfed with a couple of challenges — the first is that it’s only available during the day and the second is that of the storage of this energy for long-term use. Chalmers University However, a team of scientists from Sweden might have found a […]


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