A new initiative to turn glass bottles from New Orleans’ many drinking spots into tiny particles of sand has raised hopes of a green transformation Dave Clements, owner of Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge, a beloved dive bar in New Orleans, has watched Louisiana’s coast shrink year after year. Living near a US toxic waste site could shave a year off your life, study findsRead more “I used to go fishing quite a bit down in Delacroix area. Me and my buddy would go out in a flat boat,” he says. Clements remembers finding “a little spot, a little island” where he and his friend would take breaks while fishing for redfish, sheepshead, speckled trout and flounder. When they went back to the same spot a month later, the patch of land was gone. “I actually stopped fishing because it was so depressing.” To date, the southern coast of Louisiana has lost land roughly the size of the state of Delaware from its eroding beaches and marshes. Environmentalists now fear that the coastal erosion in the state has passed the point of no return. Clements wondered if a solution to this problem has been hiding in plain sight, […]


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