The saguaro cactus extracts carbon from the atmosphere. Thomas Roche / Getty Images By Paul Brown It may come as a surprise to realize that a plant struggling for survival in a harsh environment is also doing its bit to save the planet from the threats of the rapidly changing climate. But that’s what Mexico’s cactuses are managing to do. Research published in the journal The Science of Nature shows that desert soils supporting a high density of cactus contain large quantities of stored bio-minerals (minerals produced by living organisms), formed by the action of the plants in extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Not only that. Cactuses can also be harvested, processed and turned into a form of leather used to make fashion accessories like purses and wallets. These two attributes have been turned into a successful business by a Mexican/American company, CACTO . It claims to be the first "carbon negative fashion company in the Americas" − in other words, its activities remove more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates in making and marketing its products. No Animals Involved This is a bold claim in an industry struggling with its poor environmental record. According to McKinsey […]


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