When people think of the world’s toughest vehicles, an electric car doesn’t spring to mind. But rugged U.K. adventurer Chris Ramsey is planning to cover 17,000 miles from the South Pole to the magnetic North Pole in electric vehicles . Ramsey has been planning his upcoming journey for four years. The route will take him across 14 countries and three continents, in temperatures expected to range from -30°C to 28°C (-22°F to 82°F). The trip will take an estimated 120 days to complete and will save 29 metric tons of CO2 compared to making this same jaunt in a car with an internal combustion engine. If all goes well, Ramsey will take off on his Pole to Pole adventure in late 2022. “Our mission is to show that electric vehicles can tackle the harshest of environments — from the colds of the Poles to the hot and humid jungles of South America,” Ramsey said. “This is the ultimate test of range and durability, and by overcoming these obstacles we aim to prove that EV adoption is a possibility for everyone, while also raising awareness of sustainable lifestyles, conservation projects, and renewable energy innovation along our route.” Ramsey is no […]


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