For us, every day is Earth Day. If you feel the same, here are 51 actions and tips to make a difference, every day of the year. Passionate about certain environmental issues? Volunteer with us at EARTHDAY.ORG and participate in our many initiatives, both local and global, to Restore Our Earth. Tune into our Earth Day Live series to learn first hand from experts about our campaigns and ways that you can help from a grassroots level all the way up to your state officials office. Unsubscribe to catalogs and donate to The Canopy Project to save the trees! For every $1 that is donated, one tree is planted! Enjoy spending time outside? Support the Great Global Cleanup and pick up trash while enjoying your outdoor activities. It is a great way to save that plastic bottle cap from the landfill while you are on your morning walk! Be a part of the change. Change your diet to fight climate change! Try participating in meatless Mondays! Check out some plant-based recipes. Try a foodprint calculator to find out exactly how your meals impact the planet. Advocate for governments to make climate change and climate literacy a core feature of […]


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