Our individual voices are powerful. One ballad can send chills down our spines. One speech can ignite a global movement. And it’s during these times when our voices come together, that we have the power to make progress, to make history. This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the people speaking up for nature and making positive change for our environment. See some of their stories below, by following #SpeakUpForNature on social media and by joining us for our virtual Earth Day event, “Change Starts Here.” Earth Day was founded 51 years ago when thousands of people came together in the United States to speak up and demand cleaner air and water. In 1990, Earth Day became global when 200 million people in 141 countries spoke up together about global environmental issues. We commend all those voices that came before, and all the voices speaking up for nature today. Change Starts Here Co-hosted by CEO Jennifer Morris and Chief Scientist Katharine Hayhoe, our Earth Day event will celebrate today’s environmental heroes, feature a musical performance by Aloe Blacc and include appearances from Danni Washington, Justin Long, Bill Nye, and more. Register Today Katharine Hayhoe is an accomplished atmospheric scientist who studies […]


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