Editor’s Note : This is an ongoing story and details will be added as and when it is made available. On Earth Day, 22 April, the US President Joe Biden has decided to host a meeting with the world’s leaders titled the ‘ Leaders Summit on Climate’ . It is a two-day conference and has been in the works since he took office on 20 January. Many say that this summit is a precursor to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) that will take place later this year in Glasglow. This is supposed to "galvanise efforts by the major economies to tackle the climate crisis" and "underscore the urgency – and the economic benefits – of stronger climate action." President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington. Image credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci Watch it online The Leaders Summit on Climate is a two-day event that will begin on 22 April and end on 23 April. It will be a virtual event owing to the pandemic making travel impossible. The event will be streamed online and available for the public to watch. However, no time or website has been provided as yet. Summit Objectives Biden has urged the […]


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