Moscow-based firm Kerimov Architects has crafted a custom, luxury home for a new villa community in Repino, Leningrad that follows Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture by knitting the built environment into the natural landscape. Dubbed the House in Repino, the project, which is still in the design phase, will include nearly 11,000 square feet of living space and focus on minimizing the removal of existing trees. Created to complement a forested landscape, the house will feature a natural materials palette and allow some of the trees to grow through the roof. The conceptual project is proposed for a community in Repino, an area northwest of St. Petersburg on the edge of the Gulf of Finland with a forested environment. To keep the natural landscape intact as much as possible, the villa community has required that all residences be designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, a stipulation that Kerimov Architects has let guide its design process. “The house is well integrated into the landscape, practically dissolving into it,” the firm explained. “We’ll try to preserve as many existing trees as possible; some of them will go through the canopies to create a unique rhythm and build […]


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