"Secrets of the Whales" is a new series that will start streaming on Disney+ on Earth Day. Disney+ In celebration of Earth Day, a star-studded cast is giving fans a rare glimpse into the secret lives of some of the planet’s most majestic animals: whales . In " Secrets of the Whales ," a four-part documentary series by renowned National Geographic Photographer and Explorer Brian Skerry and Executive Producer James Cameron, viewers plunge deep into the lives and worlds of five different whale species. "The title refers to the latest and greatest science, which reveals that whales are a lot more like us than we first thought," Skerry told EcoWatch. "Science is clinical and studied. Traditionally, [we were] afraid to anthropomorphize whales. But now, science shows us they’re very complex — with societies, families, emotions and cultures." Following orcas , humpbacks , belugas , narwhals and sperm whales , Skerry takes viewers on a journey into the underwater world to experience whales like never before — watching them make lifelong friendships, teach their young specific traditions and grieve the loss of family. This is whale culture, Skerry explained, and these social bonds are the secret to their success. Skerry […]


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