If your shower has a plastic curtain or liner, has it seen better days? If so, you may be wondering if you can recycle it. It might seem like you could recycle this big sheet of plastic like you do plastic bottles and grocery bags — but you probably can’t. Let’s look at how you might recycle your plastic shower curtain. We’ll also consider some better options to take its place and some ways you can reuse that old shower curtain to extend its useful life. Shower Curtain Recycling? It’s very unlikely that you can recycle your worn-out shower curtain in your curbside bin or at a drop-off location. Most plastic shower curtains or plastic shower curtain liners are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as plastic #3 , which is generally not recyclable in municipal recycling systems. This is unfortunate since PVC is so durable and the third most used variety of plastic . Do not treat plastic shower curtains like film plastic and try to recycle them at a store drop-off location. Your shower curtain is made from a different polymer. TerraCycle, a company that believes that nearly everything can be recycled, accepts shower curtains for […]


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