A Large-billed Leaf Warbler sighted in the greenery at an apartment complex in Pallikaranai on April 3, 2021. Photo: Sundaravel Palanivelu The city falls in the migration route of the passage migrants Western Crowned Warbler and Large-billed Leaf Warbler. As these birds ‘pass through a narrow window of time’, there are not many records of them from these parts From this writer’s interactions with him, Chennai-based birder Sundaravel Palanivelu measures his words as carefully as a surveyor measures disputed land. One gets the sense of an internal machine turning and sifting through thoughts before elevating any of them to the dignity of speech. Even in his online interactions, he is an exemplar of brevity. So, when his sentences reach two-digit world lengths, the rare verbal extravagance is usually justified. Recently, he had had two bird sightings to discuss; and together, they were too remarkable to keep it laconic. The two sightings were barely separated by time and space. On the morning of April 3, he had seen a large-billed leaf warbler and a western crowned warbler. Passage migrants in these parts, these warblers are rarely recorded because of the narrow time-frame available to see them. The highlight is that […]


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