Our planet’s waterways, green spaces, and communities and are overflowing with litter . The problem is bigger than any individual can handle; it requires a global effort. You can help by participating in the Great Global Cleanup 2021. Plastic and other types of pollution challenge every community every day. They are contaminating our oceans, clogging our drains, causing floods, spreading disease, transmitting respiratory infections and killing wildlife; and low-income communities suffer the worst impacts.” –Kathleen Rogers, EARTHDAY.ORG president. Now in its third year, The Great Global Cleanup is building on its record as the world’s largest coordinated volunteer event. It’s a way for individuals and organizations to make positive, tangible impacts on our environment. Participate in The Great Global Cleanup 2021 Guided by updated safety protocols, volunteers around the world are gearing up to remove a billion pieces of trash from our green spaces, urban communities, and waterways. It’s easy to participate by joining a nearby cleanup or organizing your own group or individual cleanup. Join a Cleanup If you’d like to join a cleanup, search the interactive map for organized cleanups in your community. Organize a Cleanup Get together a small group and register your cleanup . Limiting […]


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