The public is being urged to clear plastic and litter from their local beaches, rivers and parks as part of a million-mile clean-up to mark the emergence from lockdown. Surfers Against Sewage, which is launching the scheme, said it wanted to reconnect people with nature and help promote physical and mental wellbeing. More than half of British people think plastic waste has increased during the coronavirus lockdown, according to research commissioned by the surfers’ environmental charity. More than a fifth of people have increased purchases of single-use plastic during the pandemic, according to the research, and another fifth are using disposable, not reusable, face masks . The majority of people (74%) said they were seeing more than 10 pieces of plastic or litter on an average walk. Given the size of the UK population, this could amount to nearly 500m pieces of litter and plastic pollution, SAS said. Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage, said: “The Million Mile Beach Clean, created in direct response to the pandemic, will reconnect people with the ocean and their natural surroundings, whilst also restoring wellbeing as the UK emerges from winter and the pandemic. “This will come as a relief to […]


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