In 2018, 15 years old Greta Thunberg became the face of climate change action and took the world by surprise. What started as a “school strike for climate” for a young girl inspired a global student movement that advocated for climate change . Greta even went to the extent of challenging world leaders to take immediate action on climate change. She is an accurate representation of how women can stand up, not only for their sake but for the sake of others. Greta has shown the world that women and young people have a say in the world. They can tap into their skill to speak for climate action. Even amid the pandemic, we can still see more and more progressive movements around the world. Young individuals and girls lead most of the movements. Here’s a list of some of the things Greta has achieved in her quest to protect the environment and advocate for women’s rights. Greta Met Malala In February 2020, Greta met Malala Yousafzal, a human rights activist. The 23 years old Malala studies politics, philosophy, and economics at the University of Oxford. The two met to discuss climate change. Both shot to the heights of […]


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