The drive to restore ecosystems has resulted in Saturday’s global celebration, with many British habitats to support Lake-wading water buffalo in Suffolk, forests of waist-high “wee trees” on Scottish mountain peaks, and even the idea of lynx roaming Northumberland . These are just a fraction of the nature projects being given a push by the rewilding movement in the UK, and which will be marked by the first World Rewilding Day on the spring equinox on Saturday. Backed by the Global Rewilding Alliance , an umbrella group for organisations in more than 70 countries that are looking to restore ecosystems by returning land to nature, the day will be celebrated with virtual events to share knowledge, skills and connections. “The fact this event is happening, and involving so many people from around the world, highlights the huge growth in rewilding’s popularity over recent years,” said Richard Bunting, a spokesman for Rewilding Britain, which will co-host the UK’s #ReadytoRewild event with Heal Rewilding, the national wildlife charity. “At its heart, it’s about hope. Rewilding offers a powerful way of tackling the overlapping nature, climate and health crises,” he said. Elmley nature reserve, Kent. Photograph: Alamy Last month, Rewilding Britain launched […]


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