Several innovative companies have begun brainstorming better ways to repurpose old wind turbine blades. xu wu / Getty Images When wind turbine blades reach the end of their usefulness, most are sawed into transportable pieces and hauled to landfills, where they never break down. Because of the resources and energy that go into producing these blades, this type of disposal is inefficient and wasteful. Recently, several innovative companies have begun brainstorming better ways to repurpose this green technology after it goes offline. According to Scientific American , wind turbines are built to last an industry standard of 30 years. As installed wind energy capacity continues to increase globally , it is becoming increasingly important to think about the next phase in a wind turbine’s lifecycle: the end. Some existing turbines have already been taken out of service and decommissioned at the end of their lifecycle, or during "repowering," a process where companies replace smaller turbines with bigger ones capable of producing more energy. While roughly 85 percent of turbine component materials — including steel, copper wide, electronics and gearing — can be recycled or reused, old blades are harder to salvage, Scientific American reported. Since blades are comprised of […]


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