A recently launched Kickstarter campaign shines light on everyday possibilities for solar technology. Sunne is a smart light that combines the sustainable aspects of solar power with sleek interior design and optimal functionality. Based in Amsterdam, solar enthusiast Marjan van Aubel is dedicated to finding ways to rely on solar energy to enhance everyday products. Her most recent example, Sunne, harvests sunlight during the day while unobtrusively hanging in a window. It then stores the collected energy in an internal battery, which powers the ambient glow after dark. Sunne is designed to automatically turn on at dusk, although it can be turned off with a light touch or through use of an app, which is still under development. The light has three settings. ‘Sunne rise’ simulates the purple and yellow shades of early morning. ‘Sunne light’ offers a warm glow appropriate for reading. ‘Sunne set’ presents a fiery glow for ambiance. On dark, cloudy days, Sunne won’t be able to harvest fresh energy ; however, there is a backup charging option to keep the glow alive. Sustainability is at the heart of Sunne. To that end, the composition focuses on a long-lasting design. It is made using high-quality LED […]


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