Barcelona-based studio ERA Architects is raising the bar for sustainable camping with its Pinea Mobile Ecological RV. The RV , which uses natural materials in its construction along with other eco-friendly features, is a prototype currently located in Mas els Igols retreat in the Penedés winery region of Spain. The prototype uses built-in systems for solar energy and rainwater harvesting but adds a unique touch with its innovative green roof. The RV’s single solar panel produces up to 50W retained in a battery to use for charging smartphones and various lighting inside. According to the designers, the battery system manufacturer in France gives a percentage of sales to a nonprofit in Africa. The architects supported collaborators from different parts of Spain in the project, using a company from Girona for the green roof , a textile manufacturer in Barcelona and metal works from Lleida. A specialized system of trays harvests rainwater for the RV’s green roof, which is full of Catalonian vegetation and substrate. The system holds 100 liters of water at a time. The outer fabric making up the exterior walls can be unzipped to let in the fresh air and sunlight or rolled down to provide privacy. […]


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