Housing about 2,000 plant species, over 100 species of butterflies and other botanical wonders, Visakhapatnam’s Biodiversity Park is a green marvel on a once-barren piece of land Once a barren, lifeless piece of land in the heart of Visakhapatnam, the Biodiversity Park today is a living laboratory of about 2,000 plant species. One of its kind in Andhra Pradesh, its transformation into a thriving botanical hub in the premises of Rani Chandramani Devi (RCD) Government Hospital is an incredible ecological metamorphosis. Surrounding this oasis of green, are concrete structures — some under construction — signifying the rapid spread of the city’s urbanisation.Inside the Biodiversity Park, one is greeted by the symphonic tweet of birds, a colourful mosaic of plants and fluttering swarms of butterflies. Spread across three acres, the Biodiversity Park came alive because of the efforts of a team of committed eco-warriors called Dolphin Nature Conservation Society (DNCS). The society, that celebrated its 20 years of existence last week, is spearheaded by M Ram Murthy, a retired professor. He along with his wife Mangathayi and a team of students achieved the near-impossible task of creating a plant kingdom from a land mostly used to dump garbage. It has […]


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