Steph, there is an incredibly beautiful pigeon all over my Twitter and it doesn’t look real. Is it real? Lucy, yes, it is real and also extremely attractive. People are calling it “hot pigeon”. The soft pastel colours blend their way through a spectrum of Rainbow Paddle Pop, from its dusky lavender beak to its hot-pink tips – the hue of which almost mitigates its disgusting birdy feet. A bright orange breast. Smart lime-green trousers. A blush-rose neck and yellow-tipped olive wings, with indigo accents at the edges. This is a good bird with large magenta eyes; it is majestic, strong and brave. We do not deserve this bird. We need this bird to be real. Please tell me some actual information about it. Sure, sure. The bird pops up on various platforms from time to time as we discover and rediscover the existence of beauty before promptly forgetting about it. Most recently, Twitter user Shelby Lorman went viral for posting a tweet: “Have you ever seen such a beautiful pigeon?” The tweet was liked by 48,000 people who, evidently, had not. After a day filled with questions and not a small amount of fawning, another Twitter user, Rosemary […]


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