Legal activism can be slow and expensive, but boy can it be effective, especially when combined with mass campaigning. Kudos (chapeau?) to four French NGOs for winning this court ruling that could force their government to get serious on the climate crisis. This post by Armelle le Comte first appeared on Oxfam’s Views and Voices blog On February 3 rd 2021 in Paris, a landmark ruling found the French at fault for failing to take enough action to tackle the climate crisis. Two years after the launch of the “Case of the Century” by four NGOs including Oxfam France, this decision should serve as a warning to other governments to keep in line with their public commitments and do more to tackle climate change. A second ruling is expected by the summer in which the court could compel the French Government to take further steps to reduce emissions. The “Case Of The Century”: The First Legal Action On Climate Change In France In December 2018, Oxfam France with three other French NGOs – Notre Affaire à Tous , The Nicolas Hulot Foundation and Greenpeace France launched legal action against the French State for failing to reduce the country’s emissions […]


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