Consumer interest in the use of recycled materials, so-called recyclates, is on the rise. Indeed, the perceived sustainability of a product or brand is playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions, as evidenced by one global marketing research firm predicting sales of sustainable products to reach up to $150 billion in the U.S. by 2021 . Using recycled materials in products is just one way companies can reduce their impact on the environment, and as GreenBiz readers are well aware, this practice has been growing across a surprising breadth of industries. Patagonia, for example, recently declared that 68 percent of its offerings use recycled materials . Similarly, activewear brand Salomon announced that it would bring to the market in 2021 a fully recyclable and part recycled running shoe . In automobile manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover has committed to using Econyl yarn — a recycled nylon created by Aquafil — to make its floor mats and trims. Elsewhere, Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group, introduced the " Aluminum Closed Loop " process to one of its sites in 2017, and intends to expand the use of this aluminum recycling process to other sites in the near future. As more […]


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