A snapshot of eco-straws | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement Homegrown brands are now experimenting with everything from rice and wheat to tapioca and the castor plant This won’t surprise anyone: plastic straws are one of the top 10 most commonly found items in coastal clean-ups the world over. But it is also the easiest pro-environment switch you can make in your personal life — either go without them or choose from the variety of eco-friendly, sustainable options out there. There’s bamboo, steel, paper, and even edible variants. While each has its own advantages, none has garnered wide-scale appeal yet. Perhaps because some can’t hold warm liquids, while others require frequent cleaning. Now with 170 nations, including India, pledging to significantly reduce using plastics by 2030, we are seeing a surge in eco straw alternatives. And homegrown brands aren’t far behind. Coconut Palm Leaf straws at Evlogia Eco Care, Bengaluru Coconut palm leaves turn into straws at this Bengaluru-based start-up founded by Manigandan Kumarappan in 2019. Employing women self-help groups and farmers, the company makes close to 10,000 straws a day with raw materials coming in from their collection centres in Madurai, Palani and Nagercoil. The patented straws are made […]


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