The digital double could be an important tool in preventing climate change. The European Union has launched two programmes to become climate neutral by 2050: ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Digital Strategy’. Alongside this, their 10-year ‘Destination Earth’ initiative will involve creating a digital ‘twin’ of the Earth to map climate development. This digital model will also be used to predict how certain scenarios would affect Earth and create effective solutions against climate change. To become climate neutral by 2050, the European Union launched two ambitious programmes: ” Green Deal ” and ” DigitalStrategy “. As a key component of their successful implementation, climate scientists and computer scientists launched the ” Destination Earth ” initiative, which will start in mid-​2021 and is expected to run for up to ten years. During this period, a highly accurate digital model of the Earth is to be created, a digital twin of the Earth, to map climate development and extreme events as accurately as possible in space and time. Observational data will be continuously incorporated into the digital twin in order to make the digital Earth model more accurate for monitoring the evolution and predict possible future trajectories. But in addition to the observation […]


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