A non-profit out of Pointe-Claire in Montreal has come up with a solution to created environment friendly face masks, made out of Canadian paper. As Phil Carpenter reports, the masks are currently single use, and made form petroleum-based plastics. Scientists at one research company based in Montreal’s West Island say they have come up with a greener way to protect ourselves against the coronavirus . Researchers at FPInnovations, a forestry research centre in Pointe Clare, say they have developed a biodegradable face mask. They believe it’s better for the environment than single-use disposable polypropylene models. Center president and CEO Stéphane Rou said the product can biodegrade in about 20 days. “I take this mask I put it over 50 degrees C, I watch it, it’s gonna decompose in front of you,” he told Global News. All three layers of the face covering, including the filter, are made from wood fibres, according to the centre’s scientists. They claim the ear loops and the nose piece are also biodegradable. On top of that, they say they have found a way to produce the face coverings on an industrial scale. “We have a solution that can create millions of masks per day […]


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