Rescript the Future is WaterBear’s global script writing competition focused on building a better future. WaterBear "Watch. Connect. Take Action." These words are the invitation and mandate of the WaterBear Network , a free film-streaming platform that launched in November of 2020. Its goal is to turn inspirational images of the natural world into actions to save it. "WaterBear is the first streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet," said CEO Ellen Windemuth. "WaterBear uses great storytelling to drive action." Windemuth is no stranger to the power of films. Before WaterBear, she produced Netflix’s hit documentary My Octopus Teacher , a unique story of friendship and recovery between a freediver and an octopus. The film stunned audiences around the world as it reinforced the power of nature . It has won several prestigious awards and recently was shortlisted for an Oscar, Cape Talk reported. Describing the film’s broad appeal, Windemuth said, "It does not hit you over the head with graphs and pie charts to tell you to care about life in the ocean. I think people appreciate being led into the subject matter through a compelling character and a story they can empathize with. They have […]


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