Focused action in industrial clusters could cut Europe’s total emissions by up to 12% Industrial clusters can play a major role in helping countries achieve their net-zero ambitions. Accenture and the World Economic Forum have developed a 4-step framework to help clusters reduce their emissions. This approach could result in a decline of up to 40% of European industrial emissions by 2030. Countries representing 70% of the global economy have committed to net-zero emissions targets by 2050 – and major energy ecosystems such as industrial clusters will play a pivotal role in helping these countries meet their climate goals. Industrial clusters are geographic areas encompassing co-located companies that represent either a single industry (chemical parks, for example) or multiple industries (such as steel and cement). Examples of large industrial clusters around the world include the Humber Cluster in the UK, Suzhou Industrial Park in China and the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. An integrated approach to enable net-zero industrial clusters Accenture, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, has developed a framework built around four key solutions to help reduce emissions in industrial clusters: 1. Systemic efficiency and circularity 2. Direct electrification and renewable heat Adopting these solutions […]


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