U.S. Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement On February 19th, the U.S. made an official return to the Paris Climate Agreement just slightly over three months after it left. The return marked the end of a 30-day notice period since President Joe Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office, recommitting the U.S. to the pact. The U.S., under former president Barrack Obama, had in late 2016 joined close to 200 countries in the historic agreement to tackle climate change. However, his successor Donald Trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the landmark climate treaty a few months later, a move that sparked outrage among world leaders. The U.S.’ return to the accord is important not only to the nation but also to the rest of the world in many aspects, including food security and climate change. We look at the Paris Agreement’s key elements and why the U.S. sought to rejoin the deal. The Paris Climate Agreement The Paris Agreement is a landmark international deal adopted by 195 countries at a United Nations climate conference in December 2015. The pact, which came to force in Nov. 2016, aims to tackle global warming . Under its framework, countries seek […]


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