make garden eco-friendly Ecological awareness is a badge of honour in this day and age; no longer the prerequisite of a certain “type” but a normal and acceptable way to lead a life. We’re all recycling and saving energy daily and a lot of the time we’re doing it without even noticing. Energy saving light bulbs and solar powered garden lights are just the tip of the iceberg and because education is improving, more and more of us are doing our bit to create more Eco-Friendly gardens. Becoming more ecologically aware in your gardening habits is far simpler than you might imagine and it can be a lot cheaper than conventional gardening too. There are so many ways to save energy and improve the environment that it’s hard to list them all…but for those who want to make a difference now, here are the top 5 methods! Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Garden 1. Make your own compost heap Compost heaps are like gold to gardeners and they provide a constant source of nutrition for your plants and a great way to shift your waste! Grass clippings, vegetable peelings and some cardboard and paper are all good for compost […]


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