Made using an upcycled, discarded shipping container and featuring its own personal wind turbine, three solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system, the Gaia off-grid container house embodies self sufficiency. The architects at Pin-Up Houses, who are responsible for the project, said that they were inspired to find alternative forms of housing with less environmental impact. Thanks to its off-grid technology, the Gaia is a completely independent housing unit. The prototype requires no external sources of energy or water, so you can live comfortably pretty much anywhere. The home harnesses the power of the wind and sun directly into an external battery that generates the home’s refrigerator, water heater and other appliances. A higher voltage of 110 to 230 can be added with a high voltage inverter. The battery stores power to charge cell phones and other small devices; the battery level is monitored through a remote, mobile app, so you can always check your battery consumption and charging while away. The home itself is made using an upcycled marine HC container that has been sprayed with thermal insulation, while the roof is covered with galvanized corrugated metal. There is plenty of built-in storage inside the home, which also […]


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