Joost Bakker’s Future Food System project is partnering with manufacturer of premium appliances, Miele. Miele is embracing the ‘zero waste’ philosophy, and officially putting their support behind Bakker’s quest to demystify self-sufficiency and sustainability in everyday life. Having previously partnered with Bakker on a number of his ingenious sustainability initiatives, Miele was the first appliance choice for Bakker, and has supplied a selection of its energy-saving appliances for the pop-up as a leading project partner and collaborator. Well known for his unique approach to sustainable building, design and living, this latest project from Bakker is an 87-square-metre pop-up home and urban farm in Melbourne’s Federation Square, the original site of Bakker’s first restaurant, the Greenhouse over a decade ago. Central to the project will be award-winning chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, who will spend their residency planting, harvesting food sourced and grown on site and showcasing their produce, creating inspiring meals with Miele’s latest appliances. Stone is one of Australia’s leading sustainable chefs, known for his use of local, organic ingredients to produce nutritious dishes with zero waste. Similarly, his partner Barrett, a Melbourne-born chef, shares the same vision for minimising waste and using creative techniques to get […]


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