American footwear brand Allbirds is set to introduce what it claims is the first leather alternative entirely made from plant-based ingredients. The brand says that the compostable material, called Plant Leather , has a carbon impact that is 40 times lower than animal leather and produces 17 times fewer carbon emissions than plastic-based synthetic leather. The material contains natural rubber derived from the sap of the rubber tree as well as vegetable oil, citric acid and fillers like cork and rice husks plus natural pigments. Allbirds claims Plant Leather is "the world’s first" entirely plant-based leather Originally developed by material innovations startup Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) under the name Mirum, the plant-based leather is now set to be turned into footwear that will hit shelves by December 2021. Despite the rising number of leather-like products made from plants , NFW claims that rival materials often required plastic coatings or additives to ensure durability. "Mirum is unique in that it is the only plant-based leather replacement on the market that does not contain any petrochemicals," the company said. It claims it is "the world’s first 100 per cent natural plant-based leather alternative". News of the partnership with NFW comes after […]


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