Petaluma will no longer allow the construction of new gas stations. Thomas Winz/Getty Images There are currently 15 gas stations in Petaluma, and city officials have decided that the small North Bay city doesn’t need any more. The ban — after a unanimous city council vote this week — makes the Sonoma County city the first in the nation to halt the construction of new gas stations. The city is also targeting zero emissions by 2030, and encouraging current fossil fuel gas stations to transition to battery and hydrogen cell stations. Existing gas stations will not be allowed to add more pumps, though they can instead add more infrastructure for electric vehicles. "Within Petaluma there are multiple gas stations located within a 5-minute drive of every existing residence," the resolution states . "Therefore, there are adequate gas stations to serve existing and future internal combustion vehicles to the extent as they continue to exist." BREAKING: Last night, Petaluma, CA ( @PetalumaCityGov ) became the first city in the US to *ban* new gas stations within city limits. This is a massive step forward in the fight to protect communities and the climate from fossil fuels. Well done! #SAFECities — […]


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