An entire episode of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s Winterwatch was powered by a hydrogen power unit and energy saving batteries last night (26th Jan), making TV history in the UK as the world’s first large-scale outside broadcast unit to be powered by green hydrogen.

The milestone achievement announced today (27th Jan) is the result of a partnership between GeoPura™ and Siemens Energy, which are supplying continuous uninterrupted, emissions free, critical electrical power to BBC Bristol’s outside broadcast unit with a GeoPura™ 250kW hydrogen power unit.

Also capable of supplying heating and hot water, the GeoPura™ hydrogen power unit provides 250kVA of standard three phase, 400V critical electrical power backed up by an integral 216kWh battery system.

With the unit, GeoPura and Siemens hope to power the Winterwatch programme for a whole two weeks, setting a new standard for broadcasters around the world, demonstrating how uninterrupted critic al power needed to keep live TV production facilities rolling can be delivered without damaging emissions.

In just one day of hydrogen-only powered production, the hydrogen power unit offset around 425kg of CO2 had the same quantity of electricity been produced via a diesel generator.

The unit has been onsite at BBC Bristol outside broadcasting unit since 14th January and will remain onsite until the series finishes on 29th January. The installation uses green hydrogen produced using renewable energy and water electrolysis.


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