It’s easy to think of recycling only on a local level, such as what goes in the household recycling bin or when is the next community e-waste recycling day. But the founders of Global Recycling Day believe that recycling is a global issue. Global Recycling Day (GRD) , which falls on March 18 annually, was founded to promote the vitality of recycling across the globe. It is a day for action, for the world to come together to put the planet first, and to change the mindset of governments, businesses, communities, and individuals around the world, to see recyclables as a resource” — Global Recycling Foundation A Day of Global Action GRD is a day to not just celebrate the importance of recycling, but to also influence change among world leaders and reinforce recycling as a global industry with one united voice. And it is a day to recognize the important role recycling plays in preserving our resources and securing the future of our planet. “People often think recycling is just the blue bin at the end of the driveway,” said Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) , one of the inaugural GRD sponsors. […]


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