Ikea, REI and Eileen Fisher are banking on a circular model to propel them into the next era of commerce.//Images by Graeme Dawes, Eric Glenn and Helen89 on Shutterstock. Moving from a linear business model to a circular takes time, effort and trial and error. But it also has its hidden benefits. "It can help you with some operational efficiencies. It can also position you to be sort of a company of the future, and also, frankly, tackle the environmental challenges that we have of our consumption model," said Tensie Whelan, director at New York University’s Stern Center for Sustainable Business, at the end of a conversation that she moderated about circular business models at GreenBiz 21 . Whelan led a conversation with leaders at REI, IKEA and Eileen Fisher, each of which are embracing circular practices in some parts of their businesses. For REI, transitioning to a circular model seems inevitable so it’s doing the work now. "REI, as a company, we believe that this broader kind of shift to a more circular economy is something that the world is really going to have to do over the next 10 years," said Ken Voeller, director of circular commerce […]


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