February serves as a symbolic month of reflection and acknowledgement of the impacts, contributions and successes of Black Americans in all spaces – both visible and unknown. Black environmentalists, outdoors enthusiasts, and environmental justice organizers have achieved victories that are rooted in our mission to rededicate ourselves to uprooting environmental racism, achieving collective liberation, and working to build a democracy where every person, voice and vote counts. This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our country is still reeling from a violent attack on our country at the US Capitol by white nationalists. Read more. After months of intense work to elect climate champions up and down the ballot, we finally have leaders committed to climate action. Read more. A native of North Gulfport, Johnson lived for most of her life on the same street where she was raised. She was chair of the Sierra Club’s Mississippi Chapter—the first African American to hold that position—when Hurricane Katrina came howling ashore in August 2005. Read more.


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