At issue is the country’s failure to implement the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive which focuses on the conservation of natural areas, wildlife and plants . The European Commission filed suit against Germany in the European Court of Justice, the bloc’s highest court, for long running violations of existing nature conservation laws. For years, the Commission in Brussels has been criticizing Germany for violating the EU’s Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive, as have domestic environmental organizations . "According to the latest information from the authorities, Germany has still not designated a significant number of areas as special protection areas," the Commission wrote in a statement released on Thursday. "Therefore, the Commission is taking Germany to the Court of Justice of the European Union." 1 | 9 Environment Ministry sees demands as excessive Describing the situation as "legal dissonance" with Brussels, Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry responded by saying that the Commission’s demands went "too far," in the opinion of the both the federal and state governments. Their implementation would "mean an immense financial and administrative effort." In 2019 the Commission had raised "new allegations regarding the setting of detailed conservation targets and the publication of management plans," as the ministry put it. It said that, in […]


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