We’re highlighting three Black thought-leaders who are moving the needle forward in the environmentalism & climate change space. As you may already know, February is Black History Month, and we want to take a moment to highlight a few Black trailblazers in the environmentalism space. We selected these folks because of the undeniable environmentally-centric through-line that connects all of their individual movements. They’re creating a brighter, greener future in all of their respective spaces, and we want to make their voices and movements louder. Robert D. Bullard A Professor at Texas Southern University, Robert D. Bullard has been called the “father of environmental justice” and is a thought leader in the world of environmental racism. His work investigates the inequitable impact that global emissions have on populations of lower socioeconomic status — predominantly people of colour. Bullard is spreading awareness about the connection between social justice and environmentalism, with the staunch belief that awareness can bring about change. Most recently, the UN honoured Bullard with the Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award which is the highest honour in the environmental sphere — a nod to Bullard’s influence in this space. Leah Thomas Leah Thomas is an environmentalist from […]


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