No coding experience needed! Solutions don’t have to be app or website-based! About the Challenge: Climate change is among the most urgent issues of our time. 2011-20 was the Earth’s warmest decade in recorded history, and up to one million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change. Tens of millions will be displaced from their homes because of it. The Climate Action Tracker anticipates a 4 degrees increase in global temperatures by 2100 if we keep at our current trajectories… The delicate balance that we have on Earth is at risk. So, what do we do about it? The need for action & innovation is more urgent than ever. And to make headway in addressing the problem, it will not be a “magic bullet” that solves everything, but rather the joint efforts of engineers, artists, coders, educators, politicians, business-people & others coordinating with a variety of differenc solutions to make a difference. Our challenge: Can you create that next big solution to our climate change dilemma? The Logistics: Some of these details may change closer to the date, but in brief: You will have Friday to Sunday evening EST to work on original ideas that can […]


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